Second Meeting PU Robotics Club

Second Meeting PU Robotics Club

Friday, 15 October 2010, afternoon Robotics experiment in EE Lab. Today is the day we start checking the components given to each group consists of 3 students. Each group is given a full set of Lego Robot Kit, then they start to count the amount to make sure they are responsible to till the end of the semester and to check whether the battery, sensors, and CPU are still in good condition.

The class is set up as comfortable as we can so that each group feel free to share, to pour their creativity, and to increase their teamwork. No grading, no conventional lecturing, no boring time and we have fun a lot. This is new and breakthrough method apply in President University where the student must be more active and high initiative.


It works! Every student,  confident with their own ideas, every student, having fun making mistakes, every student, laughing construct their weird robot, every student, freeing talk to lecturer as their own friend, every students are not patient enough to make artificial intelligence to download to the robot. We have here extraordinary students, lecturer, and lab assistant!

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The students group :

Group : Iksan Bukhori, Jeremy Talahatu, Stephanie Pandjaitan
Group Panda: Cynthia, Joshua Christiananda, Maria
Group : Bunga Shabila, Wang Bei Lei (Shark)
Group Lion : Dian Abadi, Sugianto Thoeng

– Lecturer: Imanuel Hamid
– Lab assistant: Agustinus Bunawan


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