Introduction to LEGO !

Introduction to LEGO !

In this 1st posting, I would like to introduce more about the LEGO in case of what President University offers to the students. It is a good starting to have this covetous LEGO stuffs, some sensors, some motors, some connectors, some cables, some CPUs, software, simulations, and lecturers. Hereby, I will not introduce specifically about the components that we will know by doing in the Lab, just a brief and really a bit of intro to open mind and accustomed with the new thing, maybe!

PU has 10 LEGO robots, included the boxes, the introductory book, 10 CPUs, 50 sensors, 100 motors, a thousand of connectors, and so on.

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3 Responses to “Introduction to LEGO !”
  1. bung says:

    last friday, that’s my first experience to mix a small robo.. it prefered to combine every part of robo’s body then make the programin the computer…confusing…I and my partner only can make the robo walking….but I knoe next meeting we”ll do the amazing one…haha

    *feeling………..I thought, i was children again when I fix its part like make GUNDAM_MAN… *^.^

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